Wireless Backhaul

Greater coverage in less populated areas of cellular services from wireless service providers with broadband backhaul.


Consumers have the ability to choose the services right for their needs at affordable prices.


Stimulate entrepreneurship and economic growth in your region.


Generate community through improved open government, education, and health care.


Drive innovation in your community with new services and entrepreneurship.

Driving Open Access Broadband

There is no question as to the benefits that a community sees after building broadband networks. Our insatiable thirst for bandwidth is never satisfied. Many communities are in a bandwidth drought because their service providers do not have sufficient infrastructure. Communities need to take control of their destiny to build an open access broadband infrastructure.

Open access broadband infrastructure allows incumbent and new service providers to offer new and innovative services to a community economically. Our company was founded on the belief that increasing broadband penetration is achieved most effectively at the local level through a public/private partnership. We can show you how to do it.

Recent News

  • State Legislatures to Wheeler: See You in Court Leadership of NCSL warns against preempting state laws limiting municipal broadband.
  • AT&T Sends Mixed Messages on Paid Prioritisation AT&T partially has the right idea by supporting traffic prioritization at the users’ request but they present it as selling more bandwidth instead of guaranteeing maximum latency and jitter. The user should be able to specify if they want their traffic prioritized whether they pay a service provider for that option or whether they purchase ...
  • The Municipal Menace? Blackburn’s aim is to prevent the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from pre-empting state legislation, particularly in the 20 states that have laws regarding municipal broadband (including Tennessee).

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Make sure that you read my blog. I've seemed to generate a little buzz around my net neutrality articles in support of OTT competition.
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