Google fiber: Palo Alto loses out to Kansas City

Midwest community to get ultra high-speed Internet project instead of Silicon Valley

by Sue Dremann
Palo Alto Weekly Staff

The Official Seal of Palo Alto, CA

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A Midwest city has beaten out all Silicon Valley contenders, including Palo Alto, to become Google’s first fiber-optics-wired city, executives announced Wednesday (March 30).

Kansas City, with a population of 145,786, was chosen out of 1,100 cities that applied in 2010 for the “Google Fiber for Communities” project, sponsored by the Mountain View tech giant.

The ultra high-speed fiber-to-the-home connections will provide Internet access at 100 times faster than typical broadband services, the company said. Fiber transmits light over fiber-optic cable — a strand of glass as thin as a hair — to send and receive data. It is far faster than electric signals sent over metal wires.

Continue reading Will Manage Google’s Stanford Fiber Network — a well-known, albeit small, independent ISP based in Santa Rosa, Calif. — is going to operate the trial fiber-to-the-home network to be built by Google on the Stanford University Campus. The network, whose construction is going to start in early 2011, will provide gigabit speeds to nearly 850 faculty and staff owned homes on the Stanford campus.

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