Americas Report: Google to Build Out Multiple Fibre Cities?

In our continuing series of previews for the “Connected States of America” documentary, TelecomTV’s Guy Daniels visits the headquarters of Google to learn more about the companys plans to create a Fibre City. In an exclusive interview with Google Chief Technology Advocate, Michael Jones, it now appears that there may be more than one winner — good news to the 11,000 cities that want the prize. Further previews will appear in NewsDesk every week.

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Americas Report: What Broadband Means to Rural USA

TelecomTV is traveling around the United States to assess the state of broadband deployment in America.  Guy Daniels reports on the use of the Internet and wireless services in the most rural of rural America: Amidon, North Dakota.  Although their use is limited, the Internet has impacted the lives of its residents.   I would be curious to see how the Internet has changed their lives once they start taking advantage of the bandwidth their recently installed fiber will bring.

In the third of our weekly previews for the forthcoming “Connected States of America” documentary, TelecomTV’s Guy Daniels visits Amidon in rural North Dakota, which, with a population of just 20, is the smallest county seat in the whole of the USA. What impact has broadband, the Internet and cellular had in such an isolated part of America? TelecomTV is in the middle of an extensive filming schedule, driving across the US to collect case studies and interviews. Further previews will appear in NewsDesk each week.

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ITU’s amazing facts: broadband prices drop like a stone

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The ITU today released a miscellany of telecoms facts and figures that seem to show a telecoms and ICT industry in rude health, despite coming through a gut-churning recession. We’re obviously getting good at weathering them. By Ian Scales.

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