Frontier Invests $40 million in Illinois Broadband

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Rural CSP Frontier Communications plans to spend $40 million to expand broadband in Illinois in 2011.  This move is part of Frontier’s goal to provide 85% of its Illinois customers with broadband by 2013.

Frontier recently acquired $8.6 billion in wireline assets from Verizon, and now provides service to 670,000 phone and Internet customers in primarily rural Illinois. The $40 million investment in represents a three-fold increase over Verizon’s investment plan for the region.

During an interview Tuesday with CEO Maggie Wilderotter, she commented on the positive impact of broadband on unemployment:  “We can help with job creation and improvement in cities where we do business. What we are trying to do is give people the flexibility to live and work anywhere they want and have the same telecommunication infrastructure as if they worked in Chicago.”

In addition, Frontier’s locally based management and service structure has improved agility and responsiveness.

“As a customer, what you will see is their ability to solve problems for you more quickly. They don’t have to ask permission of anybody out of the state,” Wilderotter said.

–Jesse Cryderman, Associate Editor

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