Google Fiber TV Subs ‘Astonishingly Low’: Analyst | Multichannel


By: Jeff Baumgartner


Google Fiber’s ambitions have drawn both bearish and bullish views from analysts, but new data from the U.S. Copyright Office shows that the initiative is not yet setting the world on fire, at least with respect to the number of video customers who have signed on so far. 

Google Fiber ended 2015 with just north of 53,000 video subs, according to a blog post from MoffettNathanson analyst Craig Moffett that pointed to fresh data from the U.S. Copyright Office.

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Provo council approves funds to hire consultants for plan B

At least the mayor of Provo realizes the benefits of the network and is looking for ways to continue its existence should Veracity default.

Genelle Pugmire – Daily Herald

Provo Mayor John Curtis said he is following the Boy Scout motto to be prepared when it comes to the future of the city’s fiber optic network.

The Municipal Council made another move towards the mayor’s working contingency plan, or Plan B, at Tuesday’s Council meeting. The council voted to appropriate $50,000 from the city’s fund balance to hire two consulting firms to help develop the plan.

For nearly a year city administrators have been discussing the need to have a plan B if the need should arise. It’s something they haven’t had since iProvo was sold.

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iProvo still has some tough hills to climb

iProvo has had a tough time making a go of their network initiative, but now Veracity is doing much better.  Veracity is marketing the network and selling services as well as maintaining the network.  They are generating cash so Provo can make the bond payments minus some operating expenses.  Over time they should be able to generate cash to make the bond payments, operate the network, and eek out a modest profit.  The Provo example shows that municipalities need private sector partners with experience in operating broadband networks and a business.

Genelle Pugmire – Daily Herald

After five years, a couple of owners and few other course corrections, Provo’s fiberoptic network, otherwise known as iProvo, seems to be coming of age, according to Mayor John Curtis.

As he looks back on the year, Curtis said he felt talking to residents about what the fiber optic network is, and is not, has been a benchmark.

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