Google Fiber Phone Rolling Out For Testing, Bundling Google Voice Features

By Horia Ungureanu

A number of Google’s high-speed Internet subscribers received invitations to an experimental telephone service, hinting that Google Fiber tests the waters of telephonic services.

Dubbed Google Fiber Phone, the service might remind observant users of another famous Google product, the Google Voice. Voice connects multiple telephones of a user (be it mobile or landline) into one unique phone number.

According to reports, Fiber Phone packs certain features from Google Voice, such as auto call screening and voicemail transcriptions. The call screening takes into account the time of day to function properly. Continue reading

Google Reaches 1 Million Calls On New Gmail VoIP Service

Image representing Google as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

Google’s foray into VoIP signals the commoditization of voice calls and the probable demise of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).  The industry has been on this path for over a decade, but VoIP has made only a modest dent in telephony even with the success of the MSO.  Vonage and Skype have their niche following for customers that make frequent international calls.  Mobile phones have signaled the decline of the traditional landline, but indoor coverage made it necessary for most people to keep their landline.  Femtocells are not seeing enough momentum yet to see a large movement away from the landline.

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